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Plastic Free

It's simple. Plastic is horrible for the environment. Recycling is just confusing.

We do not use plastic anywhere. We don't need to. We rebuilt the way food is delivered from the farmers to your table from the ground up. We will never use unsustainable packing.

In fact, we give you store credits, if you save our cardboard boxes/glass containers and return it to us/ leave it outside your door when we deliver



It's a new world. We want you to be aware.

We want you to ask questions about where your food comes from, how it is delivered, pesticide use, farm type, who is growing your food, is it sustainable, etc.

We have nothing to hide, so we show you everything you want to know, and more!



Why are we flying our food from all around the world when our next door neighbors, and farmers are struggling to make ends meet. In fact, ordering groceries with Bazaar in this manner will be much cheaper.

Order from neighborhood farmers you can trust. Neighborhood farmers who will open their doors to you when you visit. Local farmers, whose soil you can actually touch, and feel good supporting


Nothing Toxic


No Nonsense


Just Healthy

Some Farms in San Diego...

Agua Dulce Farm β†’

Local CSA Farm

A small vegetable farm close to the heart of San Diego’s food scene, making farm to fork easy! The farm is a partnership of farmers, working to grow wholesome food, improve the soil (regenerative agriculture) and make a positive impact on the community.


Be Wise Ranch β†’

Certified Organic Taste the difference...

Be Wise Ranch is a certified organic farm that has been growing organic produce since 1977 in the Santa Fe Valley, just eight miles east of San Diego. Be Wise Ranch organic vegetables and fruits are known nationally for their delicious flavor and fresh, sun-ripened quality.


Da-Le Ranch β†’

A small, sustainable family farm, located in Southern Californias Central Inland Empire.

Family owned and operated. Located in Lake Elsinore, CA. 100+ acre ranch promotes sustainable farming and natural concepts in living. We strive to bring the highest quality of ethical meats and eggs to you.

game birds

Aschbrenner Acres β†’

A Heritage Farm

Situated in the heart of coastal Encinitas, California, Aschbrenner Acres is a family owned and operated farm growing seasonal, beautiful produce with love.


5 Bar Beef β†’

Pasture Raised, 100% Grass Finished Beef

We have owned our closed herd of Barzona cattle for over 35 years and continue to breed and raise them in Carisso Plains and Trabuco Canyon, within Southern California. No injections or worming chemicals have been used in over 22 years, neither on the cows nor their offspring. And because we maintain a closed herd, we can be sure of that. To keep the cattle as close to nature as intended, we do not de-horn or castrate our herd, nor use any man-made chemicals including hormones, vaccines and antibiotics.


Coastal Roots Farm β†’

A Nonprofit Community Farm in Encinitas, California

Coastal Roots Farm cultivates healthy, connected communities by integrating sustainable agriculture, food justice, and ancient Jewish wisdom.


The Vegatable Shop @ Chino Farm β†’

The Chino Family

Chino Nojo -- nojo means farm in Japanese -- traces its history to the early 1920s, when Junzo Chino emigrated from the small Japanese fishing village of Hashiguii. Eventually settling in Los Angeles, Junzo married Hatsuyo Noda, who had emigrated from Wakayama, Japan. After working in the farming community in L.A., Junzo and Hatsuyo later moved southwards, first to Carlsbad and subsequently to the San Dieguito Valley, which was then a rural expanse of fields near Del Mar, where they rented land. After WWII, during which time the family was interned in Arizona, the Chinos returned to the area and resumed farming, soon purchasing 56 acres of choice land in the San Dieguito Valley. There they raised their nine children and established Chino Farm.

edible flowers
micro greens

Cyclops Farms β†’

Fallbrook, CA; Certified Organic by CCOF

Cyclops Farms was born in Oceanside California in 2014 by The Girling’s (Luke, Frances, Josie and Falcon). After years of traveling up and down the west coast (Oceanside, CA to Port Angeles, WA and back) on surfing and skateboarding adventures since 2004 and visiting farms along the way, Luke got the bug to learn about organic farming. Eventually Luke had the opportunity to attend UC Santa Cruz’s Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems. After he graduated he had a vision to come back to his hometown in Oceanside and create a farm. We operated in Oceanside until 2020 and after the Girling’s were able to purchase their own farm land in Fallbrook the farm was transferred there. We specialize in growing lots of cut flowers, strawberries and mixed vegetables. We are a family run 4 acre operation.


Diamond Eggs β†’

Fresh Eggs

Our hens are as happy as it gets. They spend their time foraging in the sunshine and sleep in an old horse barn. Although not certified organic, we practice many guidelines bringing you a sustainable, delicious egg. You can literally taste the difference from the grocery store!